Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I am finally finally creating a Not Me Monday! I have wanted to for months, and I definitely did not always seem to remember sometime around Tuesday. New to Not Me! Monday!? Well it's this amazing blog carnival created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

For any of you non football enthusiasts who weren't glued to the tv yesterday afternoon, it was the Super Bowl. Not only was it the Super Bowl but it was THE SAINTS. Josh is from LA and is a HUGE Saints fan. We were definitely not excited when they got that interception towards the end. And if it had been exciting we definitely would not have celebrated by fashioning Josh some new head gear...

Nope! Not me!

When the Saints won I definitely did not end up celebrating with an alcoholic beverage, but if I had it definitely would not have turned into two or three or maybe even five? If I had  (even though I clearly didn't!) there's no way I would have let my camera circulate around to capture incriminating evidence. And if I did? Well there's no way I would ever post said incriminating evidence on my blog. I always want to appear put together and present myself in a mature way...

All of that celebrating definitely did not mean I was exhausted all day today, or that as soon as I got home for the day I put on Josh's coziest sweats and curled up on the couch. And if I had? There's absolutely no way I would be soo lazy as to decide that doritos and cereal was a good dinner choice. Nope! I am incredibly dedicated to good nutrition and would never let a thing such a my own laziness stop me from preparing a well balanced and nutritious meal! 

What about you? What have you not been upto lately?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

pretty, sparkling

That's right folks, my good friend Julie has a giveaway on her blog right now! Which means that you all have a chance to hop over here and enter to win a gorgeous sparkling silver necklace! That's right people pretty, sparkling and FREE, now that is my kind of jewelry! Julie's friend Tiff is an amazingly talented artist who designed this gorgeous necklace, but enough talk. Head over to Julie's blog ( ) and check it out for yourself!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dear Procrastination,

I've decided it’s high time I write you, you see I have a few bones to pick with you.

I realize that you and I have been together for quite some time now, but I must admit you loyal-ness is one of the issues I must address. You see, even though it would appear to the naked eye that I have a fond love for you, seeing as we spend so much time together, I do not.

Don't believe me?

I thought you might react this way, so just in case I have documented examples of times you have popped in unexpectedly and wrecked havoc on my unsuspecting life.

There was the time last month when I had planned to wrap all of the Christmas presents. I had everything set up and it was really the only night I had available. I was just about to get started when you poked your annoying little head in the door. "Hello!" You bellow out, delighted to have found your next victim. "I'm here to play," you say, guiding my eyes away from the Christmas mess and over to the computer. Next thing I know three hours have come and gone and I am no nearer to wrapping presents. I sigh and try to shove you out the door, but you see Procrastination, you have an extremely persuasive way about you and somehow you always manage to wiggle your way back.

Another example would be last week when I woke up to my alarm around seven am. As I reached for my phone to set the "snooze" button you snuck in my room and turned my alarm off completely! Really I don't know where you were hiding that morning but let me tell you I did not appreciate waking up four hours late for my day!

You still don't believe me hmm?

Perhaps I should mention the other night? When you barged in on me as I was about the start a load of laundry? Yes you remember? Pulling me towards the TV? I mean my goodness you even went so far as to pop in a season of Friends and turn the TV on!

So you see Procrastination, although our friendship is one of longevity I am afraid I must put an end to this madness at once. Right now. Today. I must stop the madness; my life really can't handle much more. So goodbye dear nuisance, you will not be missed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where did 2009 go?!

Wow! 2010? When did that happen? I, myself, never saw it coming. I'm not really surprised to tell you the truth. 2009 was a whirwind that towards the end of the year turned into a bit of a hurricane. For the past two or three months I haven't known if I was coming or going. Currently I'm still trying to juggle and there is lots that's in the air but I'm starting to breath again and am extremely excited about some upcoming changes that will hopefully soon be not so in the air and I will be able to share them with you!

In the meantime, some photos, stories and updates about my brief (or not so brief) hiatus from the blogging world. As always, for your viewing pleasure...

I kept looking out into my back yard at this tree, all fall, meaning to photograph it, finally as all of the leaves were starting to flutter down I got my lazy butt out there!

It wouldn't be October without the pumpkin patch!

Santa Who? Well I think he makes a pretty damn handsome Santa myself...

My friend Dallas' gorgeous little girl.

I heart this man so much.

Change is never going to be an easy thing, humans, by nature, are creatures of habitat. I would like to think of myself as someone who embraces change and thrives on the newness of each day. But the reality is I get comfortable. I get into a routine, and as much as I love the idea of change, you know, in theory, when it comes down to the nitty gritty I don't actually embrace it quite as much as I'd like. I am working on it. It's a struggle each day and some days are better than others. The changes going on in my life right now are going to be good, SO GOOD, but in the meantime the whole transition thing gets me down sometimes. So, like I said, I am working on it. And for the not so good days? Well that's what they make good ol' Ben and Jerrys for!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


And better than ever! Coming soon updates and lots of photos!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Feel Like Throwing Things Today

I’m having one of those days, no not one of those wonderfully spectacular just generally great days. I’m having the other kind, you know, the kind of day that makes you want to throw things.

The day didn’t start off promising as I awoke to dark grey skies and buckets upon buckets of big fat rain drops. I bundled myself up and prepared to face the elements; after all, I’m an Oregon girl. I don’t let a little drizzle get me down! I was about halfway between my car and Starbucks when the flood gates opened up. And I mean really opened up. As I rushed to find solace under the eves of Starbucks I felt the heel of my shoe become….dislodged. You mean the quick fix all duct tape that I had used earlier to secure my slightly loosened heel last week after I tripped hadn’t worked? No way. Duct tape, obviously, is as I mentioned one of my favorite fix all techniques and the thought that it had let me down in my time of need did not bode well with me. I kind of felt like throwing something.

Fast forward to when I arrive at the office. It’s FREAKING FREEZING so after throwing about ten logs onto our somewhat electrically challenged heater I head to the bathroom in a last ditch attempt to salvage something somewhat resembling presentable hair. In the end it is soaking wet and stringy so into the messy bun it goes! Yes, I’m cool like that and would never let a little thing like stringy hair get me down. The day can still be saved at this point.
That’s right, positive thinking! Positive thinking! (Even though I really feel like throwing things at this point….)

The boss arrives and my Happy-Go-Lucky Employee Smile is plastered on. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job, I silently chant to myself. It’s no use, my boss gets here and within the hour my Happy-Go-Lucky Employee Smile has been squashed like a bug. I hate my job and really, really feel like throwing things at this point!

And to top it all off I got a B- on my freakin political science paper. I am pissed, well not exactly pissed but I don’t think I have ever received even a B on a paper. Maybe a B+ at some point but the thing that makes me the most frustrated is it is entirely my fault. Yes, that’s right I am admitting I was wrong. I did not do the proper research or give myself enough time to complete the paper, which makes things worse because this particular event could have been prevented by me! I bet you never thought those words would come out of my mouth be typed on my computer! So yes, I am admitting I was wrong but don’t get too used to it.

These, in part, are some of the reasons I feel like throwing things today.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm a DUCK

Some people love a good baseball game. Some people get their kicks from super intense hockey games. Others, like myself, find themseleves addicted to, yep you guessed it...FOOTBALL. Some might call it unhealthy. Others might call it crazy. I just call it football. Except it's not really just football is it? It's an amazingly wonderful, exciting, adrenaline inducing 4 quarters of fun filled sport!
I don't know about you but I tend to get pretty down when summer starts winding down. 90 Degree days are a thing of the past and I know the cold and sleet and wet is on the way to my beautiful state and really if we are being honest (and why wouldn't we be??) my only saving grace is football.
I am lucky enough to live in a college town that all but shuts down during our football sporting events, and I for one take full advantage of the excitement! I love DUCK football, no I mean I really really love DUCK football.

Auzten Stadium is home to the DUCKS....I love it all. The excitement. The noise. The hot dogs. The crowds.....

Like I said, we DUCKS take our football seriously. AND our tailgating even more seriously...