Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dear Procrastination,

I've decided it’s high time I write you, you see I have a few bones to pick with you.

I realize that you and I have been together for quite some time now, but I must admit you loyal-ness is one of the issues I must address. You see, even though it would appear to the naked eye that I have a fond love for you, seeing as we spend so much time together, I do not.

Don't believe me?

I thought you might react this way, so just in case I have documented examples of times you have popped in unexpectedly and wrecked havoc on my unsuspecting life.

There was the time last month when I had planned to wrap all of the Christmas presents. I had everything set up and it was really the only night I had available. I was just about to get started when you poked your annoying little head in the door. "Hello!" You bellow out, delighted to have found your next victim. "I'm here to play," you say, guiding my eyes away from the Christmas mess and over to the computer. Next thing I know three hours have come and gone and I am no nearer to wrapping presents. I sigh and try to shove you out the door, but you see Procrastination, you have an extremely persuasive way about you and somehow you always manage to wiggle your way back.

Another example would be last week when I woke up to my alarm around seven am. As I reached for my phone to set the "snooze" button you snuck in my room and turned my alarm off completely! Really I don't know where you were hiding that morning but let me tell you I did not appreciate waking up four hours late for my day!

You still don't believe me hmm?

Perhaps I should mention the other night? When you barged in on me as I was about the start a load of laundry? Yes you remember? Pulling me towards the TV? I mean my goodness you even went so far as to pop in a season of Friends and turn the TV on!

So you see Procrastination, although our friendship is one of longevity I am afraid I must put an end to this madness at once. Right now. Today. I must stop the madness; my life really can't handle much more. So goodbye dear nuisance, you will not be missed.

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